Thread of emotions

Throughout the centuries that followed, techniques developed to ennoble and refine the thread of emotions. Cymbeline, established for over 40 years, decided to make their trademark, with the use of Calais lace and Caudry. Since, stylists, toilistes, designers and seamstresses have been working hand in hand with Tulle, winders, and esquisseuses, raccommodeuses. Among the threads of emotion, one of them was always the favorite for Cymbeline: Lace. At the end of the fifteenth century in the City of the Doges in Venice was initially the preserve of men and social success. From the sixteenth century, the elegant seized this unique fabric, small teeth, lace. When the threads of emotion take us to meet the Leavers looms, a model of ingenuity and expertise unmatched. When every day these huge machines along with tens of little bare hands produced a meter of lace, one can understand all the love and the preciousness of this exceptional material. Thus, Cymbeline has for all these years, been working with the most beautiful lace. It is inseparable from these images and as soon as one evokes Cymbeline, an elegant silhouette is associated with fine lace. The threads of emotion symbolizing a French expertise exception. Welcome to the secret workshop of Cymbeline & lace Caudry…






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