Every bride is unique, our wish is to understand your needs to provide you the best advice, and so do you, the most beautiful bride on your wedding day.Choosing a wedding dress is not easy, we want to share with you our expertise to help you in this unique experience so you choose the perfect wedding dress.

1 – Start visiting the bridal boutiques at least six months or more before your wedding date to look for your Cymbeline gown. Once you’ve placed your order your dress will be delivered to the boutique approximately 3 months later then the boutique will tailor the gown to your measurements making the suitable alterations in their in house workrooms. The first fitting is a time of discovery.

2 – Come accompanied by one or two people you trust, your mum, a close friend, people who know you well and who will give you honest advise. Do not surround yourself with too many people, because too many different opinions are confusing.

3 – Make sure you try on as many shapes and styles as possible to you find the right shape for your figure. Take advice from our consultants as they may be able to guide you to the dress that they know will suit you best. Feel free to tell them what you like and do not like to get the dress of your dreams.

4 – After your appointment we hope that you begin to know which styles suit you best, which you feel great in. It’s not only the shape that we hope you fall in love with but the fabrics selected too as each fabric has been chosen for a reason, for its texture, lightness and performance.

5 – Once you have chosen your gown and are booked in for your first fitting please come with your wedding lingerie and shoes so we can work around these accessories for the finished look.

Every bride is unique, so our wish is to understand your needs and to provide you the best advice possible, so you are the most beautiful bride on your wedding day.