The intelligence of the hand, the imagination of the mind. Hand down knowledge for several generations.
Many hours of patience and love. The tread of emotion, zest of Paris.
Just for you, in order to realize you unique dress in our workshop.
A dress that will count more than all your other dresses.




Once upon a time … The Thread of Emotion Cymbeline

For more than 45 years, the story of love and passion crafted by our designers, pattern makers, toile makers, seamstresses, laces and fabrics… Cymbeline workshops are recognized for their exceptional expertise and a constantly renewed creativity. A French base does not prevent an international positioning, and a presence on worldwide catwalks.

Cymbeline is unquestionably one of the leaders of the bridal industry in Europe with excellent images of unrivalled expertise.

Cymbeline is present in some of the largest bridal stores, exhibiting their new collection at all the international bridal shows including Paris, Barcelona, London, Milan, Essen and Düsseldorf, the highlight of the Barcelona Bridal Week is Cymbeline’s catwalk Fashion show.

Cymbeline… Symphony of experience and French elegance, delicate lace, rustling taffeta and trimmings, captivating and intoxicating silk that captures our emotions. The silk threads of bridal laces and embroidery threads for the evening gowns all came together for this new collection.

JOSIE (FINISHER), with her fairy fingers and a lot of patience, the lacemaker carefully reproduces a design drawn by a stylist or a designer. She uses for this purpose needles, hooks and spindles and threads of white linen, pearl cotton, ecru silk or gold or silver threads or color. In everyday life, dresses come to life thanks to dressmaker. They make and assemble all the pieces, to become the symbol of our house, the wedding dress.

OLIVIA (PATTERN MAKER), the pattern maker gets each element of the model maker, she gaters these elements by complementary pieces representing the linings, the inner reinforcements. It controls the assembly lines and the location of the positionning points of the pliers, the buttons… The patterns are made of paper and cardboard on the computer supports. This will make templates to facilitate manufacturing.
EUGÉNIE (CUTTER), the cutter manually performs the cutting of the pieces of fabric in length, taking care to minimize material loose and controlling apparent defects. JOSIE (FINISHER), LUCIA (“MÉCANICIENNE MODÈLE”)

LUCIA (“MÉCANICIENNE MODÈLE”), the model maker gives life to the stylist project. Essential link in the chain of creation of a collection, the model maker materializes the idea of a creator by performing and supervising the different steps of work necessary between the sketch and the prototype of a piece. Then the toilist drapes the canvas on a mannequin in order to obtain a pattern form a sketch, in connection with the artistic director, interpreting the sensivity of the house.