What jewellery to wear with your wedding dress ?

Femme de dos, portant une robe Cymbeline et des Bijoux : boucles d'oreille, collier de dos, et bracelets.

The big day is fast approaching, and you’re getting ready to finalize the last details of your wedding preparations. Your unique wedding dress is finally in your possession! Now you need to complete your ceremony outfit with wedding accessories.

Bridal jewellery, wedding shoes, technical lingerie, a traditional veil or even a stole… There are so many options available to you. Discover our article dedicated to selecting your bridal jewellery. All our advice on what jewellery to wear with your wedding dress!

Selecting your wedding jewellery is an important moment. Your bridal accessories must perfectly match every detail of your wedding dress, to enhance it. To help you select the pieces that will make all the difference, we recommend you follow the steps below:

Match your jewellery to your wedding dress

Jewellery is the icing on the cake, allowing you to complete your bridal look with elegance. Jewellery must be chosen with great care, so that it blends in as harmoniously as possible with the rest of your wedding outfit. Every detail of your wedding dress should be taken into account, so that the total look is sublime.

The shape and colour of your wedding dress

Adapting your jewellery

Bijoux de dos Manahei Création, avec une jolie robe dos nue Cymbeline.

The accessories that will adorn your wedding dress will allow you to shine at the ceremony. Your wedding dress will be the centre of attention. It deserves to be enhanced by quality accessories.

So, to get the best match for the centrepiece of your look, you first need to consider its shape. Bustier, halter or plunging neckline, there’s a jewel to suit every style. There are as many different types of jewellery as there are different shapes of wedding dress. So you can choose between a choker, a back jewel or a plunging necklace. This allows you to dress up your headpiece, as well as any detail you want to highlight.

Enhancing your hairstyle

Jewellery and hairstyle

While the jewellery you choose should above all match your wedding dress, it should also match your wedding hairstyle.

Your decision will be different if you choose to tie your hair up, or if you prefer to leave it loose. If you choose the first option – a more elaborately styled hairstyle – you’ll want to make a selection of jewellery that highlights your head and dresses up your neckline.

On the other hand, if you’re going for a more bohemian style by letting your hair down, you should bear in mind that your jewellery may be less visible. So you’ll need to choose bolder styles. So that they don’t end up hidden under your hair.

It’s a good idea to match your jewellery to the shape of your face. It’s these little details that will make your look more harmonious.

the theme and venue of your ceremony

The choice of jewellery

Mariées à la plage, vêtue d'une magnifique robe de mariée Cymbeline et de jolis accessoires Manahei Créations.

Your jewellery should match your hairstyle and your beauty routine, but above all, it’s essential to accessorise your look to match your wedding dress. Don’t forget your wedding theme, venue and date when choosing your jewellery.

Your wedding theme should match your jewellery. Whether the theme is bohemian, country, or fairytale princess in a castle.

If your theme is a bohemian wedding, you’ll choose gold jewellery. If it’s a country wedding, you’ll love jewellery with floral motifs. And if you’re a real princess on your wedding day, you’ll love sparkling, pearl or rhinestone jewellery.

The choice of jewellery also depends on the season and the ceremony. Finer, more discreet jewellery will be more appropriate for a church ceremony. Jewellery with rhinestones and sequins can be worn on the evening of the wedding. Your jewellery selection should be balanced with the other accessories.

Bring out your personality

Jewellery and values

Beyond the technical aspects, it’s important to find the style of jewellery that matches your expectations and the person you are. It’s essential to find the brand that combines all the aspects of your personality.

Because while your bridal look needs to be coordinated, your style and what you want it to express are just as important. As well as matching colours, materials and lengths, don’t forget your favourite pieces! If you can’t make up your mind, choose an accessory to match the rest of the jewellery in your outfit.

The main thing is to achieve a balanced result that’s not too overloaded and that reflects your personality! It’s important to choose a brand with values and a world that suit you. It’s by trying on the models and talking to the advisers that you’ll find that rare gem. So look for brands that match your values.

the wedding jewellery and accessories brand

Manaheï Création

There’s no doubt that you need to choose a brand that suits you. But to make your selection easier, it’s important to surround yourself with professionals who can advise you. You can turn to specialist jewellery brands. They’ll offer you models that are tailored to what you’re looking for. Manaheï création has been a Cymbeline partner for several years, and is one of our specialist wedding jewellery brands.

Created in 2017 in Tahiti, the brand makes wedding jewellery with finesse and delicacy. The jewellery is handmade in Normandy using exceptional materials such as Keshi pearls. The brand also highlights the world of Polynesia and its culture.

Manaheï conveys the energy and traditions of the Pacific Ocean through its expertise, materials and the quality of its creations. Designed in the spirit of bohemian, romantic and poetic weddings, she accessorises brides with jewellery to suit their every wish. From necklaces to back or hair jewellery, each accessory has its own story and effect.

It’s up to you to choose the jewel that tells your story. Each Keshi pearl is unique, with its own shapes, colours and asperities that make the piece so authentic. And if you’re faced with a dilemma when faced with all these models, each more beautiful than the last, don’t panic, our consultants are there to guide you with their expert eyes!

You can find the new Manaheï création jewellery collection in your Cymbeline shops and on their website.

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