Cymbeline Paris 5ème

Cymbeline Paris 5ème

Wedding dresses Paris 5

348 rue St Jacques
75005 Paris

Téléphone : +33 1 56 24 80 10
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Welcome to Cymbeline Paris 5ème

Located on the left bank of the Saint-Jacques street, close to the Luxembourg Gardens and Port Royal, just two minutes from the RER, your Paris 5th shop is Cymbeline’s reference and historical shop.

Discover all our Cymbeline and Pour un Oui by Cymbeline collections: our bohemian bridal dresses in lace and volume princesses for civil and religious weddings, designer dresses thanks to our collaborations with the designers, evening dresses and cocktail and children’s dresses that bring a touch very close to the procession.

Exclusive: your shop offers unique creations, wedding dresses Hautre Couture. Craftsmen and crafts at the side of the Cymbeline style studio at your service to make your creation an exceptional model.

Your advisors welcome you and accompany you in the choice of your unique dress for a unique day, thanks to a personalized fitting and a quality service.

Discover our wedding dresses in Paris 5 !

Your shop Cymbeline Paris Saint-Jacques, has a particularity.
It’s the historic shop of Cymbeline and we can have the luck to see the style team and the creator.
But in addition there are rare pearls, unique dresses.
Hautre Couture dresses, unique copy in incredible fabrics and materials.
When exceptional stay unique ✨

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